AAF Cedar Rapids/Iowa City
Zimmer-Design: 5 Year Anniverary : Commemorative Poster
St. Paul & The Broken Bones: Lexington 2017
Ogaki Masturi Festival
Ravinia Festival 2018
Togetherness—is the solution to all problems.
Have a respect for your neighbor’s feelings and thoughts. — D.S. Likhachev
Pando Populus: The Futures of Death Alley
Pando Populus: Campando: Maryknoll
Pando Populus: Water and Power Blitz
Reunite America
PandoTopia: Pando Populus
La Ciudad Ligera / The Light City / Madrid
Design Perspectives: AAF Lexington
Luck of the Draw: Iowa State University
Uphill Both Ways in the Snow: Iowa State University
The People's Music School: Celebrating 40 Years
Good Client / Bad Client: AIGA South Carolina
The Design Process: Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design
The One-Percent: AIGA Louisville
The Creative Circus
Junk Battle 2018
Design Perspectives: Kansas State University
The Design Process: Iowa State University
Interactive Social 4.0: AAF Lexington
Interactive Social 2.0: AAF Lexington
Interactive Social 1.0: AAF Lexington
The Design Process: Wichita State University
F! So, now what?: Temple University, Tyler School of Art and Design
Everyone Makes Mistaeks: Wichita State University
Wild CardsTypograhy Workshop: Iowa State University
The Balancing Act: Portfolio Center
Creative Mornings: Lexington 2018
Good Client / Bad Client: AIGA Kansas City
Hindsight: Iowa State University
Show & Tell: Kansas State University
San Francisco Design Lecture Series: AIGA San Francisco
Kit Hinrichs: AAF Lexington
Gustav Klucis: Pioneers in Russian Design: Golden Bee Biennale: Moscow
Alexander Rodchenko: Pioneers in Russian Design: Golden Bee Biennale: Moscow
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